Bequeathed Insomnolence.

I hearkened thee
“Those who oft
visit thy swevens 
in sooth miss thee”.

I can not sweven
thine Eden.
I do not sweven—
Thou bequeathed me

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Kashmir: Another Karbala.

Appareled with sables—
I am sanguinary underneath.
am but a shroud dighted—
A sepulture of mournings.
Frored and brumous-
              anguished are my mornings—
I am Garth carpeted with blood.
Immedicable are my wounds—
I am lief to spill blood.
I am wonted to martyrdom—
I am but an elegy. 

I am ‘Kashmir‘— I am another ‘Karbala‘.


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Curfewed Nights

Amidst of this clarion silence
Over the besprent sky and adust land
I can take heed of blaring cries
From my Mouj and our curbed Kasheer (Kashmir).

Blood spilled through the bullet holes
O, You Martyred of our oppressed demesne
I can listen your shattering outcries
And from Angels of your Heavens.

Combat this is unremittingly
Against you O, oppressor
Till the end of our breath with this soil
From which you will have to abdicate.

This is our soil and our Mouj Kasheer
Undock soon with lurching limbs
For our blood is fiercely simmering
And the limbs will be slashed for freedom.

Blessings of Downpour

Drenched with intemperate rain
Imbrued with purest blessings
Laving my sinful deeds—
Leaving sanctified-My every mend.

Drowned in own blessings
Consecrated with snow flakes—
That have started falling
After a heavy downpour.

Back is the rain again—
After consecrating snow flakes
Soaking my soul again
In the blessings-That are Heavensent.

Unfinished Hug

To this crimsoned horizon-I
Keep looking timelessly over
A vivid image of your soul
Conquering the vast sky-I
Sitting on the bench fantasying
The moments of our eternal love
The allurement of your hypnotic smile-You
Striding forth to reach my arms-Uplifting
Widely for an incredible hug-To
Imbibe your whole self into mine
Just as I bend my arms to induce you in me
The MUAZIN makes an announcement
Waking me up with His-
Incessant voice of this Azhaan-I
Come out of the fantasy-As
The dusk has already reached to it’s end
There is the darkness I can see only-Where
You disappeared in this darkness again-And
The heart throbbing Hug-Remained unfinished yet once again.

Yearnings of Selfless Love

I prolonged-
To this misery of life-I
Accustomed myself-
To these daunting thoughts.
I underrated myself-
Despite all Your odds.
Thy heart in me-
Is torn asunder-I
Linger in the same deadness-
Though a lively spirit.
I want to emerge anew-
Shedding old skins-I
Want to move forth-
Into the new horizons.
I need courage-To
Foster my dynamism.
I yearn for Your love-
To endure my dead soul.
I long for Your fond caress-
To drive me with happiness.
I yearn – I long – I yearn-
For Your Selfless-Love.